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Scorum – Sports Media Powered by Blockchain

Scorum is the first sports social media powered by blockchain. It’s specialized for creating sports content and provides fans with the freedom to shape their own information space and get rewarded for expressing themselves and sharing their passion for sports.So, Scorum is sports media where passion for sports pays off.

About Scorum

    • Sports-optimised blogging platform that rewards active users.

Scorum provides cryptocurrency rewards for both content creators and curators. Community members get paid for publishing posts, voting, commenting and uploading photos. For sports writers we have developed custom solutions: sports analytics, interactive graphics and a large photo database.

    • Advanced statistics center with AI-enabled services.

Watching livestreams and browsing through stats is an essential part of sports fans’ daily routine. The Scorum statistics center provides them with a one-stop solution to keep up with the latest updates. Avid fans can always delve deeper into sports data with AI-driven services such as intelligent predictions.

    • Commission-free betting exchange.

Venturesome sports fans no longer have to rely on “trusted third parties” in order to make a bet. Registration and betting at the Scorum exchange is transparent, without any commission or hidden fees. Platform users can bet against each other and trade in real-time throughout the sporting event.

Each month 1 billion sports fans generate 8.5 billion visits to a variety of sports websites. Traditionally, those visits yield profits for sports media. It’s time to change this paradigm, and here’s what we came up with.