Rexpax – the world’s first Home Online

What is Rexpax?

Rexpax is World’s largest platform for sharing items. The Rexpax app is a new service that makes the world better. It materializes the idea of the sharing economy. You distribute all the items in your home onto virtual “shelves” and “rooms” so that your neighbors feel free to share them with you. You rent out, give away, sell and share items from your virtual rooms to your neighbours and strangers. All the transactions are stored in the blockchain register and it stimulates the participants to honest dealing.
Benefits from your belongings

  • Rent out

    Get efficiency out of normally idle assets. The items automatically appear in the catalogue along with New and Used Items.

  • Give Away

    Help others, giving items in good condition, which are no longer needed. Now it’s very easy to find those who really need them!

  • Sell

    Empty your closet, garage or attic of hundreds of dollars worth of goods you actually never use.

  • Lend

    Give for free to friends and family for short periods of time. Track who’s got that book or GPS navigator!

Lend, borrow and share items with your neighbors.