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Confideal – smart contract management service

About Confideal

Confideal is a unique smart contract management service for individuals and businesses, that allows its users to create and make safe, fast and anonymous deals powered by blockchain technology.
Contracting is a complex bureaucratic procedure that consumes significant money, time and resources, especially when dealing with overseas partners. Confideal will reduce transaction costs, enhance the security of funds by escrow agent, improve the speed of the dealmaking process, resolve disputes through the arbitration module and expand business opportunities for enterprises, small companies, and individuals.
All smart contracts made with Confideal are encrypted and backed up on Ethereum blockchain to ensure their autonomy and safety.

    • Smart contract constructor

A user-friendly platform for creating Ethereum smart contracts without coding.

    • Arbitration module

Non-biased, experienced arbitors and legal firms settle disputes right in the Confideal platform.

    • CDL Token

An in internal currency that allows to use Confideal’s services for free and vote for arbiters.

We believe business relations may be easy, fast and accessible for everyone. Confideal is a smart contract platform where creating, managing and enforcing smart contracts becomes as easy as never before.