HOQU – Marketing of the future

About HOQU

HOQU is the first decentralized marketing platform that allows merchants and affiliates to interact directly without brokers and ensures fair cost per actions deals based on a smart contracts.

The project’s mission is to make the distribution of rewards in the internet affiliate
market more equitable, and to set new standards of transparency and efficiency to
benefit all conscientious market participants.

  • Lower costs
    0.5% commission per deal and lack of brokers make HOQU more attractive to both merchants and affiliates
  • Free use
    Affiliate networks can use the HOQU platform for free
  • Easy entry and fair competition
    To get access to HOQU affiliates and merchants, you need to register an account in just a few clicks
  • Autonomous modules
    On HOQU, software failure in one module will not affect proper operation of other modules

Our goal is to provide advertisers, affiliates, and affiliate networks with a new service so that internet marketing becomes easy for its participants, thus creating a decentralized ecosystem where market participants can openly interact.

On the HOQU platform, an advertiser can easily create affiliate offers, and the results of affiliate advertising campaigns will be stored in distributed registries (blockchain). Rewards will be paid through smart contracts that guarantee honesty and transparency of transactions. A smart anti-fraud system developed as part of the advertiser’s decentralized application will not allow affiliates to engage in fraudulent activities, and independent, decentralized audit appeal centers will address any emerging, controversial issues.