No pathetic text about how cool & unique we are. You’re obviously tired of it. We’re just a team intended to share different projects based on blockchain-system with the whole world, give them our evaluation and opportunity to develop, change something or ruin their project and start over. Before it’s too late.

All the ratings published on ICORATED have only informational purpose and don’t provide investment forecast. We are not responsible for any of your investment decisions. Plus what is also extremely important to know: submitting your ICO for review at ICORATED doesn’t guarantee a publication. And it also doesn’t mean you should give up everything and destroy your project.

Multilateral benefit:

  • users & readers can stay tuned in blockchain sphere by being informed of new cool (and sometimes not) projects;
  • investors can choose any project to make a profitable offer;
  • projects’ founders can use our platform as distributing area all over the world.

No time to explain — Bitcoin rate is falling. Everything’s more than simple. Feel free to contact us, send your ICO for review, ask any questions, correct mistakes or any inaccuracies. Let’s get started!