Some discipline never hurts anybody (or any project). ICORATED is not an exception. Here are few rules you need to be acquainted with:

  • all the projects & offers need to be sent through the special «ADD ICO» button, not via e-mail or anything else;
  • all the comments you’re leaving shouldn’t contain any abusive language (we can understand the brightness of emotions and dramatic speech, but at the same time we’re insisting on balance);
  • NO COPY-PAST (using any of our materials? name the link of ICORATED! respect our work).

What ICO-projects we’re ready to estimate?

  • corresponding to the rules of ICORATED;
  • appropriate in style & content of ICORATED;
  • original ones. Not stealing somebody’s genial project. Better to create your own (and not so good at first) than assign another’s;
  • we hope that your project is good enough but we don’t want to read anything about how cool & ingenious your ICO is. Modesty is the key to success.

What rating methodology do we use?

Our assessment algorithm contains more than 10 different criteria but the main ones are product, vision and team. We use a five-point rating system. All ICO projects are rated identically: under the same condition using the same assessment algorithm. Only objectivity and professional approach.

What is also important to know?

  1. The only way ethical way to show us your ICO is to press the button “ADD ICO” which is hard not to notice. No obtrusiveness, no discourtesy. Respect our working space and ability to work productively.
  2. Our rating methodology is based on different criteria and opinions of trustworthy experts. That’s why if you get a low rating or your project wasn’t even published on ICORATED — don’t worry and, what’s more important, don’t give up. It’s your chance to develop, grow & get better.